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HIV/AIDS Commodity Logistics Management, Program Monitoring & Evaluation


About This Course

How does a project ensure there is a continuous supply of HIV commodities? How do project managers make informed decisions regarding on-going programs? What informs Stakeholders whether a program is successful or not. How does an institution preserve its learnings? What are the means of accountability to donors and other stakeholders?

These are practical questions that site-level ART program managers must provide answers to regularly. These challenges are often addressed individually and in isolation, but all these decisions interact with each other.

This course looks at the supply management, and monitoring & evaluation challenges faced by various HIV projects in and introduces the tools that can be used to address these challenges.

What you'll learn

• Storage of HIV commodities

• Commodities information system

• HIV Logistic management information system

• Overview of Monitoring and Evaluation

• National Monitoring and Evaluation framework

• Data collection

• NNRIMS Data flow charts


MBBS, BSc Nursing, RN

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Olusola Sanwo

Associate Director, Health Systems Strengthening (SIDHAS), FHI 360, Nigeria.

Course Staff Image #2

Kunle Kakanfo

Associate Director, Monitoring and Evaluation (SIDHAS), FHI 360, Nigeria.